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QSAR Service

Molcode has developed special QSAR (Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships) Service for REACH legislation and provides fully documented and REACH compliant QSAR. Usage of QSAR is recommended and supported by ECHA and all our models are scientifically validated and documented according to OECD guidelines.

Molcode’s REACH QSAR Service results in a reduction in laboratory costs and reduced testing time in meeting the demands that REACH legislation imposes on the chemical industry. REACH recognizes that properties determined with alternative methods that are equal to tests and testing methods.

All Molcode developed QSAR models meet the conditions set out in the REACH Regulation Annex XI, Section 1.3. Molcode‘s property or activity predictions for the chemicals are based on QSAR Model Reporting Format (QMRF). Molcode QMRF reports are all published in QSAR Model Reporting Format Inventory data base ( All the predictions are documented as OECD QSAR Prediction Reporting Format (QPRF) and respective reports are ready for dossier submission to IUCLID5 .


Why should you prefer QSAR as an alternative to testing

  • Non-animal alternative method
  • Quickly available
  • Documentation is ready for IUCLID 5 (QPRF; QMRF)
  • In accordance with OECD criteria
  • Approved by ECHA
  • Based on scientifically valid models
  • Substance and endpoint specific
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to order


Supported by ECHA

Usage of QSAR is also strongly recommended and supported by ECHA who has published a number of guidelines on how to take advantage of QSAR. Further information about QSAR can be found in the following documents:
  • Guidance on Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment in Chapter R6: QSARS and grouping of chemicals;
  • Practical Guide 5: How to report QSARs;
  • Practical Guide 10: How to avoid unnecessary testing on animals.

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