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What is QMRF?

QMRF is the OECD approved QSAR model documentation format, all models used by Molcode for property/activity predictions are documented according to this format (QMRF - QSAR Model Reporting Format).

QMRF provides information about the developed predictive models, including the data set with experimental and predicted values, defined chemical space, statistical validation etc.

Molcode QMRF reports are all published in QSAR Model Reporting Format Inventory data base (

Download sample QMRF
List of endpoints with validated/published QMRF reports

What is the QPRF?

Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship Prediction Report Format (QPRF) is the OECD official form for describing the property predictions with QSAR methodology . A QPRF captures information on a substance and its prediction, and is intended to facilitate consideration of the adequacy of the property prediction of a chemcial.
Each QPRF is an endpoint and substance specific document. 
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Molcode’s QSAR Predictive Reports Formats (ready for IUCLID5) are available for more than 100,000 chemical compounds.

Terms of Use of QSAR Reports

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